Lauren Lewis in the pool attempting to block the opposing team from scoring a goal, wearing a blue swimsuite.

Lauren Lewis gets ready to stop the opposing team from scoring. (Photo by Terrell Lloyd)

By Alyssa Friesen, SJSU Athletics Sports Information Undergraduate Intern

In her four years as a San Jose State water polo player, Lauren Lewis is best known for her work ethic. Her coaches and teammates agree that she is the hardest working athlete in the pool and inspires others around her.

The work ethic that Lauren has not only has helped her in the water but in the classroom as well. Getting an education and being an athlete proved to be challenging at times but earning her degree is priceless. “My diploma is much more than a piece of paper to me; it is a representation of all of my effort, sacrifice, and accomplishment,” says the 2011 graduate.

Coming into San Jose State, Lauren was declared a business major. For one of her classes, she was required to spend some time with elementary school students and it was then that she realized her love for teaching.

Ever since, the Upland, Calif., native spent countless hours in her mother’s second grade classroom. “When I am teaching it doesn’t seem like I’m working, it’s just fun,” says the three-time San Jose State Scholar-Athlete.

Lewis says she has enjoyed her time at San Jose State because of the people she has met and the experiences she’s had.  “I have met people here that will remain my friends forever. I can’t even imagine what life would be without them,” states the goalkeeper on the nationally-ranked San Jose State team.

Being a part of the water polo team was one of the most rewarding experiences for Lauren. Her greatest memory was back in her sophomore year when the team went down to Arizona for a 2009 tournament. “It was an amazing experience to be able to travel with the team and not only beat our rival (Arizona State), but also win three other games as well.” Lewis explains that the team chemistry was unmatched that weekend and the victories seemed effortless.

As for the future, Lauren hopes to earn both a Master’s in special education and her teaching credentials simultaneously. “Working in special education will allow me to work one-on-one with the students that need extra help.”

Known for her work ethic, it shouldn’t be long for Lauren Lewis to achieve her near-term goals. After all, she is a goalkeeper.

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