SJSU e-Learning Leader Shares Expertise With Asia

Steve Zlotolow, International and Extended Studies associate dean, recently returned from Bangkok, Thailand, where he delivered the opening keynote address at the National e-Learning Conference sponsored by Thailand Cyber University. The speaking engagement, with all expenses paid by the Thai Office of the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education, focused on “e-Learning Challenges for the Future.”

Thailand’s National Education Act mandates more educational opportunities for Thai people in both urban and rural areas, regardless of economic status. Zlotolow’s input over the past three to four years and his recent keynote speech have helped bring this ambitious goal closer to reality. This is one more way IES is helping to improve access to education, both here and abroad.

Zlotolow was brought into IES 13 years ago to create a completely online master’s degree program in occupational therapy. He was very successful: The program is still in operation, with its 12th consecutive cohort now in place. Zlotolow has continued developing SJSU’s e-campus, as well as assisting other universities in their efforts to provide effective online classes.