San Jose State on track to offer high-speed rail courses

By: David Goll/ Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

The fledgling high-speed rail industry in California will launch a new academic course this fall at San Jose State University.

California High-Speed Rail Authority officials say the course will help provide a better-trained management work force to build and operate their $43 billion, 800-mile rail network that is scheduled to connect Southern California with the Bay Area by 2018.

“The kinds of jobs and skills needed to operate and maintain a high-speed rail simply don’t exist in the United States today,” said Rachel Wall, spokeswoman for the High-Speed Rail Authority. “That’s why it’s so critical to think ahead and begin training a work force for these important careers.”

Through its Mineta Transportation Institute and the Lucas Graduate School of Business, the university will offer a graduate certificate program in high-speed rail management beginning in October. The program consists of four classes that, in total, are expected to encompass one academic year.

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