CSU Proposes 15.5 Percent Tuition Increase by Fall 2011

The CSU Board of Trustees will vote Nov. 10 on a proposed five percent tuition increase effective spring 2011, followed by a 10 percent tuition increase effective fall 2011.

This means CSU tuition for a fulltime undergraduate in 2011-2012 will be $4,884. This figure does not include campus based fees. Here are relevant excerpts from the finance committee agenda:

“In our analysis, a mid-year adjustment of an additional five percent is needed in order to fulfill the budget’s promise to restore access to students in a meaningful sense …

“Our analysis indicates that a tuition increase of 10 percent is needed for the 2011-2012 academic year and that this decision should be made now rather than wait upon a prolonged and uncertain state budget process …

“An estimated 180,000 undergraduate students (over 45 percent) will be fully covered for the mid-year tuition adjustment by increases either in tuition waivers, State University Grants or Cal Grants.

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