Gary Craig Hobbs

Assistant Professor, Art and Art History

“It sounds counterintuitive for a teacher to learn from his students, but I do so every day.”

How can technology and creativity combine to solve some of our planet’s problems? Gary Craig Hobbs believes digital technology may offer solutions. Hobbs challenges his students to explore these issues through the creation of digital media art, computer games and mobile apps. Films, animations, artworks and personal experiences influence designs. The results are as unique as their creators. Hobbs, who grew up near Cape Canaveral, Florida, during the Apollo Mission, vividly recalls viewing initial images of the universe and how it prompted his own dreams of flight. Today, he partners with students to create a world with a brighter future.

Department: Art and Art History
Faculty website: Gary Craig Hobbs
College: College of Humanities and the Arts

Photo: David Schmitz

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