Claudia Tercero

’07 Sociology

“San Jose State has a lot to offer. We need to focus on building unity.”

A Mexico City native and member of the university’s Advancement staff, Tercero moved to San Jose as a child. The advice she gives her own son: “Yes, you’re Black and Mexican, and people might call you ever name in the book. But don’t ever let somebody say something that’s going to break you.” SJSU is a “diverse campus, but how do we make this a great place for everyone in our community?” she asks. “We need to talk more about how we feel, about how we experience race issues.” There needs to be an ongoing dialogue, she insists. “To get through campus issues, we really need to talk.”

Department: Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
College: College of Social Sciences
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Photo: Thomas Sanders, ’15 MFA Photography

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