View Grades May 30 & Academic Standing June 6

View Grades

Spring 2012 initial grades entered in Approved status will be viewable in MySJSU starting on Wednesday, May 30.

For instructions on how to view your grades, see View My Grades.

View Academic Standing

Academic Standing will be viewable in MySJSU starting on Wednesday June 6.

For instructions on how to view your Unofficial Transcript, see View My Unofficial Transcript.

Official Transcripts

Due to the high volume of Official Transcript Requests at the end of the semester, the processing time will take longer.

The Office of the Registrar will not be providing transcripts to students from May 30—June 5. This time is needed to finalize grades and academic standing.

They will resume sending transcripts on June 6. We appreciate your patience.

Ordering Official Transcripts for Fall ’11?

If you want your transcript to reflect final grades for the Fall 2011 term, you must select Hold for Fall Grades on the Basic Order Information screen.

If you do not select Hold for Fall Grades, your transcripts may be sent without Fall 2011 grade information.

To order your official transcripts, visit Transcript Ordering Overview.