What are DATA 200 and the Waiver Test?

DATA 200, Computational Programming for Data Analytics, is a remedial course in addition to the 10 required courses of the MSDA degree. As a remedial course, DATA 200 does not count towards earning your degree. The tuition cost of DATA 200 is $2,250 for Fall 2022.

The DATA 200 Waiver Test for Fall 2022 will be held in HB 106 room at 6:00 pm on August 19. A student must indicate “Intent to Enroll” via Next Step in order to take this test. This is a closed book and close note test. Only pens and pencils and erasers are allowed to be on the table. Each student must present a government-issued identification with a photo. The scope of this test includes Python language, data structures and algorithms. This test may include some common test formats such as multiple choices, short answer questions, and coding exercises.

Each conditionally admitted student is required to pass either the DATA 200 Waiver Test or the DATA 200 class offered in Fall 2022. A student who fails this test can’t take another Waiver Test in a coming semester. A student who fails this test must enroll in DATA 200 in Fall 2022. Conditionally admitted students may choose to skip this test if they already know they want to enroll in DATA 200 in Fall 2022. A student who fails the DATA 200 class in Fall 2022 will have one and only one more chance to enroll and pass this class in Spring 2023. The status of a student who has passed the Waiver Test or the DATA 200 class will be changed from “Conditionally Classified” to “Classified” at the end of the Fall 2022 semester.

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