Student Philanthropy Council Opportunity

The University Advancement Office at SJSU is working to add a philanthropic component, the Student Philanthropy Council (SPC), to their current Student Alumni Connection (SAC) organization.

The SPC is a group of student ambassadors who promote and understand the importance of building a culture of philanthropy through our students and alumni at San Jose State University. Through these efforts, SPC members will gain valuable skills, have access to network with successful alumni and university administration, and make a difference on campus and in their peers’ lives. Philanthropy is seen through generosity in all its forms: time, talent, voice, network, and treasure.

The goal of the SPC is to have a representative from the Lurie College of Education. These student ambassadors will work to support students, improve the campus environment, and promote a culture of philanthropy on campus while increasing pride and traditions.

If you would like to be nominated for this campus opportunity then please send an email to by 5:00 pm on Friday, June 2, 2023.

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