Conscious Classrooms Receives High Praise in The California Reader

The California Reader recently published a glowing review for the book “Conscious Classrooms: Using Diverse Texts for Inclusion, Equity, and Justice” by SJSU Lurie College Professor Allison Briceño, Ed.D., and her colleague from Santa Clara University, Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica, Ph.D. The reviewer, S.A. Griffin, praised the book’s impact on the education landscape and its role in promoting social justice and equity in the classroom.

Allison Briceno

Allison Briceño is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at SJSU Lurie College of Education and coordinates the Reading and Literacy Leadership Credential and MA Program. Her expertise lies in bilingual teacher preparation and studying how bilingual students comprehend text. Her research has been published in several journals including Teacher Education Quarterly and Reading Teacher. Briceño’s work aims to bridge the gap in education for bilingual students.

Books are at the heart of instruction, and we can use them in ways that move us far beyond representation. The authors teach us how. They do an outstanding job helping us reflect on our own beliefs, shift our mindsets, and develop our critical consciousness. We consider the role of power, learn how to rethink schooling, and are prompted to better align our philosophies with our pedagogy.

According to Griffin, books play a central role in the learning process, and the authors do an excellent job helping readers reflect on their beliefs, shift their mindsets, and develop their critical consciousness. The book prompts readers to consider the role of power in education and how to better align their philosophy with their teaching practices.

With a paradigm shift underway in education, the book has come at a critical time, providing administrators and educators with the tools they need to become change agents and leaders. It helps ensure that every student has access to diverse texts that support their social, emotional, academic, and identity advancement.

The reviewer highly recommends the book to anyone who wants to take an active role in promoting inclusion, equity, and justice in the classroom and community. This book is ideal for professional development and will help save valuable time for collaborative teams, as it provides templates and strategies for assessment and communication.

In conclusion, the review in The California Reader reinforces the importance of “Conscious Classrooms” and its impact on the education landscape. If you’re an educator looking to promote inclusion, equity, and justice in your classroom, this book is a must-read. With a wide variety of resources and practical tips, Allison Briceño and Claudia Rodriquez-Mojica have created a valuable resource for educators everywhere.



Griffin, S. A. (2023). A review of Conscious Classrooms: Using Diverse Texts for Inclusion, Justice, and Equity. The California Reader, 56(1), 27-28.

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