K-12 Teaching Academy | Better Together: Partnering with Families and the Community for Student Success


  • Chassidy Olainu-Alade | Coordinator of Community and Civic Engagement | Fort Bend Independent School District | Twitter: @ChasAlade


Parent engagement has always been a top ranking tenant of successful K-12 education systems. Effective parent engagement practices benefit students as school-to-home connections promote positive reinforcement of knowledge and skills, allow for extension of learning, and develop mutual support around discipline and expectations. Additionally, the broader community provides schools and teachers with the resources, expertise, and volunteerism to achieve their goals. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, common methods of parent and community engagement included a variety of face-to-face events, in-person opportunities, and one-way communications. Since the pandemic, the ways in which teachers engage parents, families, and the community has shifted to practices that are more inclusive, flexible, and creative in nature. This session will allow participants to walk away with a deep understanding of the role that parent, family, and community engagement plays on the classroom environment and school culture. Participants will understand methods of engaging parents in a post-pandemic school setting and be provided with some best practices for developing two-way communications and collaborations with parents, all the while navigating new modes of 21st century learning, anti-racist curriculum implementation, and meeting the needs of diverse learners.

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