EdD Leadership Program Student Documentary Broadcast

According to a popular study, 95% of adolescents own a cell phone and 45% are online almost constantly. When Cellphones Come To School, a new very timely, informative and provocative one hour documentary from high school teacher and EdD Leadership Program student Anne Tran, shows what happens when these phones predictably end up in classrooms and the impact on learning that results. Featuring interviews with a diverse range of students, teachers and experts, When Cellphones Come To School, highlights both positive and negative outcomes and points the way toward creating a better understanding of the national debate around the role cellphones might and do play in classroom education settings.  Watch the broadcast on Thursday, May 6, at 8pm or Saturday, May 8, at 6pm on Northern California Public Media, via the KCRB TV Live Stream webpage, or via the NorCal Public Media App in the Google Play store or Apple store.

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