#IBelongAtLurieCollege | Alejandra Romo

What provides you with a sense of belonging at Lurie College?  Is it your drive to become a transformative educator, counselor, therapist, school or community leader?  A faculty member, advisor, your friends or student groups?  The events and culture?  Share with us on Instagram by tagging @sjsulurie and using the hashtag #IBelongAtLurieCollege in your caption or email us at brian.cheungdooley@sjsu.edu so we can share uplifting stories from our community.  Learn about Alejandra Romo, Department of Communicative Disorders & Sciences undergraduate student, and what provides her with a sense of belonging!

“Lurie College has been a great place to call home here at SJSU because of the strong sense of community I always feel around me.  It has opened many doors to many opportunities, connections, and resources and for that I am extremely grateful.  I have broken out of my shell and owe that to my program and Lurie College for making every student feel like they’re capable of great things.”

SJSU Lurie College of Education Communicative Disorders & Sciences Student Alejandra Romo

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