#IBelongAtLurieCollege | Dani Umana

What provides you with a sense of belonging at Lurie College?  Is it your drive to become a transformative educator, counselor, therapist, school or community leader?  A faculty member, advisor, your friends or student groups?  The events and culture?  Share with us on Instagram by tagging @sjsulurie and using the hashtag #IBelongAtLurieCollege in your caption or email us at brian.cheungdooley@sjsu.edu so we can share uplifting stories from our community.  Learn about Dani Umana, Department of Communicative Disorders & Sciences undergraduate student, and what provides her with a sense of belonging!

“Although this school year has been entirely remote, I have had amazing experiences as a Spartan transfer student.  The caring, supportive professors and friends I’ve met through school have made a lasting impact on my personal & academic development.  Signing up for the Chicanx/Latinx Student Leadership Retreat and the Lurie College Learning Showcase have helped me get to know several faculty members & students outside of class and fostered a sense of community as well.”

SJSU Lurie College of Education Communicative Disorders & Sciences Student Dani Umana

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