Educators of Impact | Veronica Weaver

With the COVID-19 crisis making it abundantly clear the critical role that educators play in our society, Lurie College is recognizing SJSU Educators of Impact who have made a transformative difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.  Learn more about SJSU Alumni Veronica Weaver below.  To nominate an SJSU graduate who is an Educator of Impact, please complete this brief Google form.

SJSU Lurie College of Education Educator of Impact Veronica Weaver

“Veronica is an early childhood special education teacher in Santa Clara County and has been actively working with families of students with disabilities to fight for inclusive educational preschool supports for students with disabilities. After the transition to Shelter-in-Place, Veronica’s role dramatically shifted as she had to provide online supports to students and their families amid COVID-19. Veronica rallied folks to provide digital stories/read alouds for her students! She is passionate about supporting inclusive education for all and has incorporated this into her Ed.D. program for her dissertation research using frameworks such as DisCrit and community cultural wealth!”

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