K-12 Online Teaching Academy: “Rethinking Assessment for the Google Generation”

Emma B. Pass – Twitter: @emmabpass – English and Language Arts Teacher at PSD Global Academy, led this conversation:

Do you remember when our math teachers told us that we wouldn’t be carrying calculators in our pockets when we grew up? Today, we not only carry around calculators, but access to limitless information via our smartphones and Google. When students can quickly and easily look up almost any information (especially when learning from home), how can we best assess their understanding of a topic? In this session we will discuss the tools, tips, and best practices for formative and summative assessment in a remote learning environment.

Intended audience: Those who teach grades 6-12.  The slides from this webinar are available via Google Slides

The SJSU Lurie College of Education has established this free K-12 Online Teaching Academy to support pre-service teacher candidates and current teachers to strengthen their online teaching skills and adapt to our current circumstances. Learn more about the academy at http://sjsu.edu/education/k12-academy

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