Watch the Lurie College Faculty Research Symposium

Watch the recording from our Faculty Research Symposium, which took place on Friday, April 10, and showcased SJSU Lurie College faculty and the impact of their research! Presenters in this symposium included:

  • Eduardo Muñoz-Muñoz, PhD | Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education | “Targeting linguistic targets: Academic English, Standard English, and ideologies among preservice teachers” | Presentation starts at 5:34
  • Nadia Sorkhabi, PhD | Professor, Department of Child & Adolescent Development | “Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Style and Emerging Adults’ Academic Achievement: Self-construal, Self-esteem, and Parental Psychological Control as Mediators” | Presentation starts at 32:19
  • Shawn Vecellio, PhD | Lecturer, Department of Teacher Education | “Using Clearness Committees to Address Teacher Candidates’ Critical Incidents” | Presentation starts at 1:05:39

One thought on “Watch the Lurie College Faculty Research Symposium

  1. Thank you all for sharing your research! Such an interesting set of studies.