Lurie College Student Opinion Piece Published in Mercury News

Shoutout to Single Subject Credential Program Elizabeth Unpingco, whose letter to the editor “Homeland security means taking care of our own first” was recently published in the Mercury News.  Give it a read below or by visiting the Mercury News at

SJSU Lurie College of Education Teacher Education Department Student Elizabeth Unpingco

It is up to us to prime the pump of recovery

Homeland security means taking care of our own — first and foremost. If we learn anything from the horrific experience we find ourselves in now, it is that without a strong, cohesive and healthy foundation — supporting essential health care, food industry, education and government workers on the front lines — we are all in danger of succumbing to collapse.

We must reevaluate our priorities — care for one another and the environment and not consider wasteful military spending as essential to the survival of our way of life.

Let’s let our elected leaders hear that we demand the reallocation of billions of dollars currently budgeted for military spending toward real security.

It is up to us to prime the pump of recovery and human survival.  The world is watching the USA as a leader and we must be a better model of action by the people for the people.

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