Lurie College Student Publishes 2nd Edition of Book

Shoutout to SJSU Lurie College student Aiden Hill, whose second edition of his book, The Midnight Stranglers, was recently published!  Here’s a synopsis:
In 2008 Aiden Hill was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition-severe obstructive sleep apnea, also known as “the midnight strangler.” But after he lost his employer-based insurance he soon encountered a new group of “health care stranglers.” These special interests were bent on using the cover of darkness to deny coverage and gouge him while he was at his most vulnerable. Part One of The Midnight Stranglers: a Personal Quest for Health Care Transparency chronicles this struggle, its intersection with the passage of Obamacare, and the Tea Party reaction. Aiden was so scarred by his experience that he joined the health care reform movement to help bring about change. Part Two discusses the disappointments he encountered as he worked for the State of California to implement its version of Obamacare (Covered California), and why he now believes the insurance exchanges won’t deliver affordable care. The book ends with a call for greater transparency across the entire health care spectrum, and what we as individual consumers and taxpayers can do to make it happen.

SJSU Lurie College of Education Teacher Education Department Student Aiden Hill The Midnight Stranglers

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