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RePlay had a very successful first event for the semester on Friday, April 26. Thanks to all who contributed backpacks, water bottles, and hats. The foster kids were really excited to receive their gifts before taking off on our hike. For fun pics of our crew this semester check out our instagram page (or other sites listed at the bottom of the email):

London 2012: The Science Technology behind the Spectacle

The London 2012 Olympics Games will be the most tech-infused, mediated, global sporting event in history.  Outside the phenomenal sporting activities and performances that will be on display, some incredible advances in sports sciences, in the field of Kinesiology, will offer sport to the globe in a revolutionary way.

The technologies that will be used in the Olympics, from stadium development to training tools, are transforming the way we think about the human body, space, and movement.

From a purely sporting standpoint, sport science will be operative at almost every level of The Games. The issues abound.  One thing is clear – tech rules in sport, from gene doping to kinesthetic movement maximization via digital mapping of the body. Where the line between gold and last place can be tenths of a second, access to technology will be the difference between winning and losing for many athletes.

At the Olympics Games, we are seeing transformations in human evolution, and powerful expressions of human-technological integration.

Here then is a collection of recent articles on the sport science behind The Games. Read, watch, and marvel.

CultureLab: Olympics kicks off science events all around the UK

Fastest Olympic swimmers paddle like duck, kick like dolphin

Live Chat: Science at the Olympics

Sniffing Out The Science Behind Sports Doping

London becomes a laboratory for Olympic sports science

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