Dr. Chen conducts Self-defense Workshop for Bay Area Physical Educators

KIN faculty Dr. Gong Chen presented a workshop on “self-defense at knife attack” for about 20 physical educators at the Bay Area CAHPERD annual conference this past weekend, Nov 3-4, 2018. The events was hosted by the Dept. of Kinesiology, SJSU with Dr. Daum and Dr. Chen helping to lead to some of the proceedings. Participants indicated that they gained hands-on experience with several research-based self-defense skills, got a lot of exercise during the practice, and had fun while learning. Trifecta!

Self-Defense Workshops for SJSU Students

Congrats to Dr. Gong Chen, professor from Department of Kinesiology at CHaHS, provided a self-defense workshop for Sigma Alpha Zeta on August 29, 2018.

About 20 female students participated in the workshop. Students learned key mental strategies on preventing violent crimes and had hands-on experience defending themselves at different physical attacks.

Dr. Chen has been conducting research and lectures on self-defense education as a different perspective on enhancing health and wellness.


Dr. Gong Chen Presents on Self-Defense in China

Congrats to Dr. Chen who presented his research in China over the SU18 break.Dr. Gong Chen

Dr. Gong Chen was invited to give a speech “Self-defense Education in the Mega Health Era” at the International Forum on Sports Economy and Regional Cooperation in China in June. The forum was held at Chengdu and sponsored by Sichuan Academy of Social Science.

The abstract has been published in the forum proceeding, and the paper has been accepted for publication for Journal of Sichuan Social Science. Mega health was a main focus at the forum.

Dr. Chen introduced his research on self-defense education and research-based SJSU self-defense curriculum. Many universities at the forum requested Dr. Chen to provide self-defense instructor training so that they can adopt SJSU self-defense curriculum for their students.

Dr Chen’s Bio: http://www.sjsu.edu/kinesiology/contacts-1/Profiles/Chen/