PrePT Club Events Updates

Good Morning Pre-PT!

We’re coming down to the last month of school so let’s make the most of it by electing new board members and attending year ending events!
Please cast your votes for your 2019-2020 Pre-PT Club Board. Be sure to carefully read the description of each candidate before casting your vote. 
The link to vote:  – Voting will be open until Wednesday, April 24, 2019, at 11:59 PM. We wish good luck to all of the candidates. 
Next week is the Graduate Workshop. Join us Thursday, April 25th 6-9pm in SWC 122A, with special guests from current DPT programs, as well as SJSU alumni who just got accepted into programs! We’ll have a panel and group discussions so you’re able to learn about the application process and the experiences as an SPT. RSVP for the event at
Lastly, next month is the Third Annual Pre-Health Olympics. On Saturday, May 11, 2019, from 9:00am-1:00pm in SPX 107 help us defend our crown as reigning Pre-Health Champs. This highly anticipated event is a fun and exciting opportunity to compete with and get to know your fellow pre-healthcare professionals at SJSU! We will be playing a multitude of fun games including relay, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, tug-of-war, and much more! RSVP at

Student Blog Series: Managing the Transition from Undergraduate to Graduate Student

by Hillary Barnes.

The transition from undergraduate student at SJSU to graduate student at Chapman University has certainly been interesting. Academically, the Kinesiology Department at SJSU did a phenomenal job preparing me for the DPT program. Many of the courses I took at SJSU were either right on par or a great stepping-stone to the courses I am taking now. While at SJSU, I griped about having to take prerequisite courses, but looking back, I am grateful to have taken so many unique courses within the department. Many classes, like biomechanics or adapted physical education, are not requirements for PT school, but have helped prepare me for the rigors of graduate school.

The biggest change I have dealt with since being admitted to graduate school is the time commitment. At SJSU, I was able to take a full course load, work part time, be involved in extracurricular activities, and still had time for friends and family. Now, I barely have time to exercise, let alone have a social life! I spend a lot of time studying, but I am learning about material that is interesting and exciting, and I have made great friends in the process.

That said, the best decision I made in regards to transitioning from SJSU to PT school was to take time off. I spent a year working and traveling to see my friends and extended family, and that was the best decision I could have made. It gave me time to decompress and get ready for the next chapter. Grad school is awesome, but it is hard work, and if I hadn’t had that time to relax, I think I would be burnt out by now. The good news is that school goes by fast, I can’t believe I am already ½ way done with the PT program. I feel like I was just recently scrambling to get classes at SJSU!


14th Annual SJSU Disability Sport Expo Nov. 5th: Join Us!

We would like to extend an invite to join us at the 2012 Disability Sport Expo on the SJSU campus on Monday November 5,2012.
Our main goal for the Disability Sport Expo 2012 (DSE) is to provide information about disability sport, as well as demonstrating dis-sports.  After demonstrating the sports, we will allow the audience to get involved.  This may include letting them get into wheel chairs and playing quad-rugby.  The sports will be taught and demonstrated by the students in Kin 159, including guests to help teach Power Wheelchair Soccer.
Sports on demonstration at the DSE 2012 will include: Sitting Volleyball, Power Wheelchair Soccer, Goal Ball, Wheelchair Rugby, and more.
We will also have raffles with prizes and silent auctions to raise money for future club events and expos.  Guest speakers will be in attendance to give information about these sports and how attendees can become more involved.
We hope to have a large turnout for DSE 2012. We would like to promote our event to as many people as possible to teach them something they may not have been aware of before.  We hope that we can come together as a campus and spread the word, as well as have a large gathering to show able and disabled bodies that there are sports for everyone.
For more information, please contact Dr. Nanancy Meggison (, or student aides Daniel Gutierezz ( or Liz Parada (
Join us in celebrating and researching disability sport.