KIN Shines at Annual CAPHERD Conference

Congrats to the KIN faculty who took part in the CAHPERD (California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) State Convention that took place in Garden Grove (Southern California) this past week (2/21-2/23). We are very proud of our undergraduate students and Dr. Daum  who spent their time and money to attend.

Here are some of the highlights and news:

  • We had 10 undergraduate Kinesiology-Preparation for Teaching students and two faculty attend the conference (attached is a picture of the group minus Dr. Siebert) . A very well attended conference, CAHPERD leadership mentioned they had very high pre-registration (over 1,000 pre-register) and day-of registration.
  • One of our students, Joanna Peet, was one of the three scholarship recipients from CAHPERD. She earned a $1,000 scholarship because of her scholarship, leadership and service.
  • Joanna Peet also presented her original research poster based on her work with Dr. Shifflett and others related to gender bias and sport reporting. She won top original research poster.
  • Our students took part in the student competition Friday night and placed third. Team “Daum’s Disciples” (They chose the name of their group,  thank you Daniel Murphy for coining the term…) earned third place of 11 teams. CSU San Bernardino was second and CSU East Bay earned first. There were many undergraduate students from across the state, I estimate at least 75, in attendance.
  • Dr. David Daum was voted Vice President Elect of Physical Education for CAHPERD, he will serve a three year term.
  • San Jose will host the 49th NAPEC (National Adapted Physical Education Conference) in Fall 2020, Dr. Siebert is involved with the planning of this. I am sure she will provide more details as we get closer.
  • The CAHPERD state convention will be back in Garden Grove in February 2020. The 48th NAPEC, will also be in Garden Grove, Nov. 7-9th, 2019. We look forward to sending another strong contingent of students and faculty. There will be an opportunity, like Joanna took advantage of, for students to present original research or research critiques at CAHPERD, I will forward the information when session proposals are due for CAHPERD 2020.
  • CAHPERD Bay District Workshop will be hosted at SJSU Fall 2019, date TBD (Likely Nov. 2nd, 2019), Dr. Daum will be helping organize this event as 2018’s event was very successful.

KIN Department Chair Corner: Physical Activity, Health, and Community

by Shirley Reekie, KIN Dept Chair

What if the price of an airline ticket were based on your weight? Or if your BMI determined the cost of your health insurance? Suppose your company paid you to participate in activity classes! These might sound far-fetched but each is already in existence to a limited extent somewhere. These and other examples lead me to think that many, perhaps most, of the KIN jobs in the future may be based somewhere in “the community,” meaning not in a specialized gym/sport setting but in some type of public locations for those who are probably not regularly exercising for a variety of reasons. If that is the case, then we need to educate our students on how to instruct large numbers about healthy physical activity, which in turn means combining aspects of several different emphasis areas.

With this in mind, KIN is actively working on both modifying the curriculum and on increasing the number of internships (and some paid positions!) in places such a city and county parks. Both the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County are trying to help all citizens become more active, but especially those who are in lower socioeconomic groups (who may not have easy access to a costly gym or be near to a safe open space) by working with Kinesiology to provide staffing for boot camps and to take folks hiking, all run through parks’ organizations. How about taking a group hiking some weekends, and along the way, talking about healthy eating or showing a variety of stretches? Or perhaps you see yourself inspiring a morning group to become more healthy through a boot camp run by you? Of course, we already work with the public at the Timpany Center, helping those who are older, are obese, or who have a disability, to be physically active. It is this program model that has inspired the city and county parks to ask about working with Kinesiology students on a wider basis. It’s also a very similar program to the CSU Northridge “100 Citizens” project, which was recently recognized at the White House for encouraging community physical activity.

Look for emails on both jobs and internships to come your way in the next few months with a variety of public agencies! And if you are not yet on the KIN student email distribution on list, please come to the office and sign up or call 408 924 3010 and leave a message with your email address clearly stated.

Finally but importantly, to those graduating, many congratulations! Please fill out our exit survey to be distributed soon and please stay in touch with your alma mater and let us know what you are doing. There’s no doubt that more people are aware of the need for physical activity and the many benefits to be gained, than ever before. Let’s capitalize on that awareness!!

KIN in the Community: e-Soccer, Physical Activity, Disabled Populations, and Community Engagement

by Danika Ziemer

E-Soccer kicked off this past Saturday morning! For those of you who have never heard of E-Soccer, it’s a program designed for able-bodied children as well as those with

Coaches and players learning teamwork

special needs. Children as young as two years old to those in their mid-teens come out to the field for an hour every Saturday. E-Soccer is held in ten different locations in Northern California and one location in Las Vegas. The program is now global with sites in India and Kenya. At the Sunnyvale location, students at SJSU join with students from Santa Clara University to lead the 5-6 year old children in various adapted drills and games to improve the children’s soccer and teamwork skills. The kids, and coaches, have a blast playing games on “Soccer Island” or “Soccer Spaceship.”

E-Soccer is based on inclusion, which is vital for children to learn at such a young age. It’s incredible to see how well children and special needs children learn to interact and work with each other so quickly. Some kids need a one-on-one coach to help them through the program, but all of the kids work together and cheer each other on throughout the practice. These kids are so energetic and silly that it’s impossible not to have a good time on the field. I have been a coach at E-Soccer for almost a year now. I can safely say that those kids have made a larger impact on my life than I could ever possibly make on theirs, and I’m sure the other coaches would agree. I definitely believe that every student should come and check out the program.

We could always use more coaches, so if you’re interested in getting involved, e-mail the Kin Ambassadors Club at You can also check out the website at

Players on the move. Soccer and health.