Dr. Chen conducts Self-defense Workshop for Bay Area Physical Educators

KIN faculty Dr. Gong Chen presented a workshop on “self-defense at knife attack” for about 20 physical educators at the Bay Area CAHPERD annual conference this past weekend, Nov 3-4, 2018. The events was hosted by the Dept. of Kinesiology, SJSU with Dr. Daum and Dr. Chen helping to lead to some of the proceedings. Participants indicated that they gained hands-on experience with several research-based self-defense skills, got a lot of exercise during the practice, and had fun while learning. Trifecta!

Information Session: Physical Education Teacher Credential Program at SJSU

Information Session: Physical Education Teacher Credential Program at SJSU

What is it: Information about the Physical Education teacher credential program at SJSU

Who should attend: Juniors, Seniors and graduate students who will be graduating within the next year who are interested in obtaining their single subject credential in physical education.

Where is the session: SPX 151

When is the session: Friday October 20th from 2:30pm to 3pm.

Questions or cannot attend: Contact Dr. David Daum; david.daum@sjsu.edu

To help you prepare for the session here are some links with information about the credential program at SJSU:

Credential application requirements, listed here:


How to apply to the program:


Application deadlines: