Job Opportunity: Health Fitness Corportation

Health Fitness Corporation, a national health improvement and fitness management service, is contracted to Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, CA and helps run their fitness facilities, recreational departments and internship program.

They are looking for interns throughout the year who are a junior or senior level student and pursuing their degree in physical education, exercise physiology, kinesiology, recreation, health education, health promotion or related field.  In the past we have had one or more students from your program participate in our internship program and they have all been great candidates for a further career with HFC.  This would help juniors and seniors earn their internship hours.

A description of the internship program, needed qualifications, about HFC and how to contact them is below.  All interested students must first submit their resume to our national office, but can include in their request what city and state they wish to work in.  If any students have further questions about a possible intern position specifically here at Lockheed Martin, they are welcome to contact Ms. Hoopes (info below).

For more information, contact,


Program Coordinator



Phone: 408.742.7706

Fax: 408.742.8829


Students: Paid Internship Opportunity with CFA at SJSU

Paid Student Organizing Internship at San Jose State

Deadline to Apply: Friday, April 26
Salary: $11.00/hr; 10-15 hours/week
Additional info: Interviews will take place on campus in early May. Interviews will take place on campus in early May. Position will start at the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester, with a weekend intern training in mid-late August (date TBA).  Must be a current student and able to verify residency or citizenship once hired.
Must be a current student and able to verify residency or citizenship once hired.
Interested in pursuing a career in labor organizing and working for social justice? There is no better time than now, when CSU faculty are approaching the possibility of going on strike, than to intern with the California Faculty Association, a union representing 23,000 faculty in the CSU system. Many of our interns have gone on into careers in labor organizing (with unions such as AFT, SEIU, UNITE-HERE, AFSCME, UFCW, etc.), non-profit, and/or political work.
Whether on your campus, in your community, or at the state capitol, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you are interested in working with CFA and learning how to fight back and organize on behalf of issues important to faculty and students, then this internship is for you.
The Purpose of the Student Internship Program is to:
  1. Build the leadership capacity and organizing skills of CSU students as future leaders.
  2. Increase student awareness about campus-community labor issues and the impact of these issues on the university
  3. Develop an ongoing partnership with the student community in the CSU around issues CFA identifies as relevant to the university
  4. Promote student awareness, empowerment and engagement of social justice and labor issues
Our internship program is designed to provide students with hands-on and formalized training in a variety of areas including:
·         Lobbying and political organizing
·         Strategic campaign planning and coordination
·         Building an organization on campus
·         Effective communications
Interested in the position? Read the full description (attached) and fill out the application online here.

Reflections on 1st Annual KIN Ambassadors Professional Panel

by Vien Vu

The Kinesiology Ambassadors’ panel was absolutely fantastic yesterday evening, and everyone in attendance got great advice and advantages from attending it. I am looking forward to next year’s event. I was able to talk to the panelists individually afterwards, and Brandon Moreno was able to give me the name of a site that can help out students. find out more on the KA Facebook page.  

For anyone who missed out on the outstanding panel and did not get a chance to talk to Brandon Moreno one-on-one, here is a site he highly recommended. Sports organizations are required to post up any job for at least 24 hours, and this site has the listings. Though it pertains to sports management, taking these internships and jobs will give great exposure to the field kinesiology, and provide a phenomenal networking opportunity. Please take advantage of it.