Timpany Center is Seeking Interns!

Timpany Center is seeking energetic, responsible interns to expand our team. Interns will learn the ins-and-outs of our daily routines and procedures. They will focus on learning client care, time management, curriculum design, facility management, along with many other career developing skills.  The Timpany Center is a partnership between the SJSU Kinesiology Department and Santa Clara County. This is an unpaid internship experience.

Applications are posted at http://www.sjsu.edu/timpany/programs/internships/index.html and are due before February 8, late applications will not be accepted.  They can be email to timpany-outreach@sjsu.edu or delivered in person to 730 Empey Way, SJ 95128.

Frist Aid/CPR Classes at Timpany Center
730 Empey Way
San Jose, CA 95128
Tuesday, February 5th 5p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Wednesday, February 6th 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Through lecture and hands on practice, you will be able to respond confidently to emergency situations. Skills and topics include: Adult, Child, Infant CPR and AED use, Adult, Child and Infant Choking, Bleeding Control, Bandaging and Splinting, Cold and Heat related emergencies, how to use the epinephrine injector and much more! This is a 2 year certification provided by EMS Safety Services.

The Santa Clara University Strength & Conditioning Department – Intern-Mentorship Program

Santa Clara University: The Santa Clara University Strength & Conditioning Department is actively seeking applicants to fill our Intern-Mentorship Program, working with Olympic Sports within our program for the 2016 Winter/Spring Term (Jan. 4th-May 27th).

The intent of the Intern-Mentorship Program is to provide a several month experience of hands-on training to prepare the candidate to take on the next level position in strength and conditioning as either a graduate assistant or full-time strength coach.

Intern Coaches are expected to participate in a comprehensive educational program, including white board discussion and hands-on experience in the following areas: program design, exercise instruction, Olympic lifting progressions and techniques, plyometric, speed and agility techniques, energy system development, regeneration methods, nutritional basics, and facility and athlete management. Dependent upon the previous knowledge/experience of the candidate, he/she will have the opportunity to work with force plate testing and analysis, Sparta Trac software, and GPS monitoring. Intern Coach responsibilities will include various duties within the SCU Strength & Conditioning Department.

Hours will vary throughout the semester and may include early morning, late afternoon, or weekend hours. Requirements: 1) CPR/AED/First Aid 2) Bachelor’s degree and/or current enrollment in a related field 3) Must have a strong desire to pursue a career in strength and conditioning at the high school, collegiate, or professional team setting, possess an excellent work ethic and have the ability to take initiative and be pro-active.

Preferred: 1) SCCC, CSCS and/or USAW 2) Previous weight room or athletic coaching experience. Compensation: Continual educational resources, access to networking opportunities, potential future recommendation for professional advancement and continuing mentorship beyond completion of the internship. There will be no monetary compensation for this position.

APPLICATION: 1) Send cover letter, resume, and contact information for at least two to three references (ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN ONE FILE, preferably Microsoft Word or PDF, AND NOT EXCEED 3 PAGES IN LENGTH) 2) Send a video file/link with demonstrations of Power Clean, Squat and RDL to: Patrick Dolan MS SCCC CSCS, Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, Santa Clara University – Athletics, 500 El Camino Real-Athletics, Santa Clara, CA 95053 or e-mail to pdolan1@scu.edu.

Kinesiology Summer Internships 2015

Hello KIN Majors,

This information pertains to anyone planning to do a summer internship (198, 285) or fieldwork course (170D, 280).  You can register for 1, 2, or 3 units this summer.  All paperwork must be in by 4pm Monday May 11th.

The internship page on the KIN website contains the information you need regarding deadlines, forms, syllabi and general information:  http://www.sjsu.edu/kinesiology/internships/

Please read through that information and pay particular attention to the University – Organization Agreement (UOA) section.  If the site for your internship/fieldwork is off campus you will need to turn in a UOA (if one does not already exist) in addition to your KIN registration forms.

The original UOC form used this academic year has been retired and replaced with a UOA form.  Shorter/simpler form.  At the URL above you’ll find a link to the UOA and a link to the sites where we have already obtained contracts/agreements which means you need not duplicate that work – the agreements cover a 5-year period.  If your site is not listed there, but you or your site supervisor think there is an agreement in place, check with me.

If you do need to get a UOA, our best results have come through when you email the UOA (which includes instructions) to the person at the community site who has signature authority for formal contracts.  Check to see who that is by asking the person who will be your site supervisor – it might be someone other than the person who will supervise your work at the site.

Once you have the signed hard copy of the contract (if needed) please put it together with your KIN forms.  Bring all forms to the KIN main office (YUH 105) and ask the staff to put them in Dr. Shifflett’s mail box.  Dr. Shifflett will review and assuming all information complete and correct.