Student Internship Updates: Spring 2019 

Internship Updates: Spring 2019 

This information pertains to anyone planning to do an internship (198, 285) or fieldwork course ( 280). You can register for 1, 2, or 3 units for Spring 2019 and/or Summer 2019. The deadline for paperwork is:
Spring 2019 Semester: Monday, February 4th, 4pm
Summer 2019 Session: Tuesday, May 14th, 4pm
The internship page on the KIN website contains the information you need regarding deadlines, internship specifications form, link to online enrollment form, sample syllabus and general information:
Please read through that information. The process has changed. There are no hard copies of forms to turn in to the KIN office. Materials now get submitted through an online enrollment form. The link is on the KIN internships page.
A reminder, with no exceptions, a University-Organization Agreement (UOA) is required for each internship site. Look here first to see if a UOA already exists between the site you want to intern at and SJSU:
If your site has not started the online application for a UOA, please ask your site manager/owner to use the URL below to begin the process of getting a UOA.  Note the UOA is a legal document and needs to be completed by a person at your site who has the legal authority to enter into a contract with SJSU.  For example, an owner/manager, President, Principal.
Ask your site supervisor to let you know when the online registration of their site is done.
Complete the internship/fieldwork specifications form in consultation with your site supervisor then scan the form for subsequent upload when you complete the KIN enrollment form. The internship mgr will review the information and specifications form submitted with the KIN online enrollment form and assuming all information is complete and correct. She will email you information needed to add.
Please contact below you have any questions.
Dr. Shifflett
Internship Manager
SJSU Kinesiology Department