Dr. Emily Wughalter Gives 2019 Rachel Bryant Lecture at SHAPE

Congrats to KIN professor Dr. Emily H Wughalter, who gave the 2019 Rachel Bryant Lecture ⁦@SHAPE_America⁩.

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Emily Wughalter earned her doctorate from the University of Georgia, master’s from the University of Colorado, and bachelor’s from Herbert H. Lehman College, City University of New York. She received tenure at San José State University and New York University and is a professor of Kinesiology. Dr. Wughalter is recognized for her teaching expertise, having been awarded the Outstanding Professor Award from San José State University. She has mentored more than 60 master’s students in kinesiology, human factors and ergonomics. She served on more than 40 thesis committees additionally.

Dr. Wughalter was President of the AAHPERD Research Consortium,  served two terms on the AAHPERD Board of Governors, and was President of Western Society for  Physical Education of College Women. Since receiving the Mabel Lee Award as a promising young scholar,  she continued to receive distinguished service and honor awards from the Research Consortium, the  National Association for Girls and Women in Sport,  and the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education.  Dr. Wughalter received the AAHPERD Honor Award and was recognized with AAHPERD’s highest honor, the Luther Halsey Gulick Medal. She has published in professional journals on topics in motor learning, measurement, social justice and diversity; as well she has given almost 100 national, regional, state, and local presentations. She co-edited a monograph of the journal, Quest, on topics  related to social justice and diversity; she previously delivered  the Amy Morris Homans Memorial Lecture.

About the Award (from the SHAPE website)

The Rachel Bryant Lecture honors Rachel Bryant, a pioneer and architect in the field of sport for girls and women. The lecturer is an individual who continues to carry on the spirit of this remarkable woman who gave so much to the world of girls and women in sport.

Dr. Emily Wughalter Receives AAHPERD Highest Honor: The Luther Halsey Gulick Medal


Academic excellence and deep dedication to students, colleagues, and the field of kinesiology have been hallmarks of Dr. Emily H. Wughalter’s professional career.

Dr. Emily Wughalter

Dr. Emily Wughalter

A career that spans more than 3 decades of department, university, and community service, Dr. Wughalter’s demonstrates that which is best in the field of kinesiology and San Jose State University. Her accomplishments will be soon recognized at the national level with one of the highest honors that can be bestowed in the field of kinesiology: The Luther Halsey Gulick Medal.

Dr. Wughalter was named the recipient of the Luther Halsey Gulick Medal, which is given for long and distinguished service to one or more of the professions represented in the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD).  The Gulick Medal is the highest award given by AAHPERD, the largest professional organization serving health and physical education professionals. The award will be presented at the Hall of Fame Banquet at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel at the AAHPERD 129th annual National Convention & Expo in April 2014.

The honor not only reflects on Dr. Wughalter’s excellence in scholarship, service, and academics, but also shines a light on the SJSU Kinesiology Department as a whole.  Kinesiology Department Chair Dr. Shirley Reekie commented, “I think everyone in the department was delighted to hear of this well-deserved recognition for our colleague.”

A national leader in the broad field of kinesiology, she has been active in AAHPERD serving as the President of the AAHPERD Research Consortium, two-time member of the Board of Governors, and member and chair of countless committees for the Research Consortium and National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS). In recognition of her service to AAHPERD, she received the Mabel Lee Award in 1992, the Distinguished Service Award from the Research Consortium in 2004, the Honor Award from NAGWS in 2005, and the AAHPERD Honor Award in 2011.
She was inducted as a Fellow in the Research Consortium of AAHPERD in 1987.

Dr. Wughalter has held many service and leadership positions in AAHPERD, including two terms as a Board of Governors representative, Vice President of the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport, the President of the Research Consortium, and member of the Social Justice and Diversity Committee of AAHPERD.   Most recently she served as a member of the Visioning Committee for the unification of AAHPERD that will become the Society for Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America).

Luther Halsey

Luther Halsey Gulick

Dr. Wughalter has often served simultaneously on multiple boards to advance the fields of physical education and kinesiology. She has provided leadership in the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education (NAKHE) for which she received the NAKHE Distinguished Service Award in January 2014.

Mentorship has been a cornerstone of her career.  Dr. Theodore Butryn relayed, “I was fortunate enough to share an office with Emily during my first year as a professor at SJSU, and I saw firsthand, every day, her dedication to Kinesiology both at SJSU and nationally. In fact, her mentoring was key in beginning my own efforts to stay connected with national and international organizations. I would not be the teacher or scholar that I am today without Emily’s guidance.  She truly deserves this recognition, and it shows the strength and, dare I say, influence of our department.”

“As a junior faculty member, I am constantly inspired by her passion and energy in the classroom.  I am provided with daily examples of the laser focus she has for the Spartan mission,” noted Kinesiology lecturer Daniel Murphy.

A dedicated scholar and distinguished professional throughout her career, Dr. Wughalter currently teaches courses in the Department of Kinesiology and in the interdisciplinary Program in Human Factors and Ergonomics.  Dr. Wughalter is passionate about topics in motor learning research and scholarship, with a focus on aspects of practice that affect learning, memory, and performance of motor skills. She is committed to assisting students as they gain a critical perspective of scholarship, teaching the value of multidisciplinary approaches and interdisciplinary knowledge, and providing focus on application of knowledge as it relates to practice.

Although the focus of her scholarship has been in the field of motor learning and measurement, she has had a profound commitment to social justice and diversity

throughout her career.  She has been a strong advocate for girls and women in sport at the local and national levels, as evidenced in her work as a Past President of the Western Society for Physical Education of College Women.  Her sustained and significant leadership and commitment to girls and women in sport, and social justice and diversity issues is a vein that runs through all the work she does and often puts her on the margins of change.

AAPHERD officials noted that “She is recognized for her teaching expertise having been awarded the Outstanding Professor Award from San Jose State University, an honor bestowed by the President of the University who selects one each year from among a large tenure track faculty as well as the Outstanding Service Award and the Outstanding Professor Award for the College of Applied Sciences and Arts.”

Dr. Wughalter completed her Doctor of Education degree at the University of Georgia.  Her scholarship is robust including 28 journal articles, a book, a book chapter, five book reviews, seven abstracts, and over 50 national, regional, state, and local presentations.

Please join the Department of Kinesiology, the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, and San José State University in congratulating Dr. Wughalter on this prestigious award.

Click here to read about Dr. Wughalter’s work in the Kinesiology Human Factors and Ergonomics Graduate Program or to connect with her, please go to her faculty page.  Read more about Dr. Wughalter and her accomplishments at the SJSU CASA blog.  More information about Luther Halsey Gulick can be found here and here.

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