Welcome to Visiting Scholar Dr. Xingquan (Tony) Zhang

The department is hosting a new visiting professor, Dr. Xingquan (Tony) Zhang, who received his doctoral degree from Beijing Sport University, and currently is an associate professor at Shenyang Sport University that has had an academic relationship with KIN since 1998. Dr. Zhang arrived on October 19, and will observe activity classes, and conduct research. He has participated many KIN events since he arrived. Welcome Dr. Zhang.

Dr. Gong Chen Presents on Self-Defense in China

Congrats to Dr. Chen who presented his research in China over the SU18 break.Dr. Gong Chen

Dr. Gong Chen was invited to give a speech “Self-defense Education in the Mega Health Era” at the International Forum on Sports Economy and Regional Cooperation in China in June. The forum was held at Chengdu and sponsored by Sichuan Academy of Social Science.

The abstract has been published in the forum proceeding, and the paper has been accepted for publication for Journal of Sichuan Social Science. Mega health was a main focus at the forum.

Dr. Chen introduced his research on self-defense education and research-based SJSU self-defense curriculum. Many universities at the forum requested Dr. Chen to provide self-defense instructor training so that they can adopt SJSU self-defense curriculum for their students.

Dr Chen’s Bio: http://www.sjsu.edu/kinesiology/contacts-1/Profiles/Chen/

Self-defense instructor training at Shandong Province with Dr. Chen.

Self-defense instructor training at Shandong Province

Dr. Gong Chen from San Jose State University lectured a two-day self-defense instructor training workshop at Shandong University in June 2016. This workshop was organized by Shandong Department of Education, sponsored by Shandong Physical Education Association, and hosted by Shandong University. The purpose of the workshop was to provide training for teachers from high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools in Shandong Province so that they can develop the self-defense curriculum and teach self-defense classes at their schools. Professors from different universities in Shandong also participated in the workshop.

Dr. Chen teaches movement.

Dr. Chen went through mental and physical self-defense strategies and skills as well instructional strategies, and also provided needed teaching materials, including course reader, all PowerPoint, and samples of self-defense for different levels of schools. This is Dr. Chen’s first effort introducing self-defense science and self-defense education to k-12 school in China. In 2009-2010, Dr. Chen was sponsored by California Association of Health, Physical Education, Dance and Recreation and California Health and Physical Education Framework to conduct numerous workshops and lectures at many school districts to train teachers to teach self-defense in California schools.

The purpose was to help California carry the new law that self-defense class must be taught in California schools as a required subject. Dr. Chen and Professor Rui Zhang introduced SmarTough Self-defense into Beijing University in 2002, and to nationwide universities in China through 2004 National University Self-defense Instructor Training Project (a major project in the 10-5 Plan in Ministry of Education).