Reflections on 1st Annual KIN Ambassadors Professional Panel

by Vien Vu

The Kinesiology Ambassadors’ panel was absolutely fantastic yesterday evening, and everyone in attendance got great advice and advantages from attending it. I am looking forward to next year’s event. I was able to talk to the panelists individually afterwards, and Brandon Moreno was able to give me the name of a site that can help out students. find out more on the KA Facebook page.  

For anyone who missed out on the outstanding panel and did not get a chance to talk to Brandon Moreno one-on-one, here is a site he highly recommended. Sports organizations are required to post up any job for at least 24 hours, and this site has the listings. Though it pertains to sports management, taking these internships and jobs will give great exposure to the field kinesiology, and provide a phenomenal networking opportunity. Please take advantage of it. 

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