IT Open Forum on Campus-Wide IT Project Initiatives

Students looking at digital sign

One of the agenda items in our next IT Open Forum will be a discussion of our Digital Signs project.

About the Event

Our IT Open Forum is a series of communication sessions that include topics that inform the campus about San José State IT activities and give users an opportunity to provide input on them.
​​Our next IT Open Forum will be held:

2–3 p.m.
Thursday, February 26
Sweeny Hall 435

Open to Campus Community

These events are open to the campus. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. You can also join us online via WebEx!


For additional information, such as an agenda, our 2015 schedule and recordings of past presentations, visit IT Open Forum.

Digital Signs

Digital Sign ExampleThe SJSU Digital Sign Service, launched a few months ago, is deploying its pilot customers.

The Digital Sign Service allows the user to dynamically display and update a range of content types on the target screens remotely, including web pages, slide shows and video. The display feature also supports composites of the different content types allowing the creation of visually interesting and appealing displays.

Display devices are usually large format digital screens (signs) in prominent locations. Content generation technology includes the popular OU Campus software as well as the ubiquitous HTML. More information about this project can be seen at Digital Signage.

The project is now underway and IT Services invites you to participate. If you are interested in learning more about this project, or displaying information for your area, please contact Mike Wardley, the Director of User Experience and IT Projects.

ITS Presents SJSU’s IT Open Forum Series–Updated!

IT Open Forums

Information Technology Services has several Open Forum sessions scheduled over the next year to present campus wide IT project initiatives. These sessions include topics that inform the campus about SJSU IT activities and give users an opportunity to provide input on them. The schedule is listed below and in the SJSU Event Calendar.

ITS Open Forums
Date Time Location
Thurs, Jan 17 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, Mar 21 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, May 16 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, Aug 1 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, Sept 19 cancelled cancelled
Thurs, Nov 21 2 pm ENG 285/287

WebEx Collaboration

Implemented on August 31. Web conferencing including video, audio and computer interactions are available for all faculty and staff to host via the WebEx system.

Unified Communication System

A campus-wide Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system implementation will begin in November.

Wireless Network Expansion

Increased coverage and density of our campus wireless network within campus buildings and Spartan Stadium is currently in progress.

Student Email

Student email is switching to Google Apps Edu on November 13.

Campus Next Generation Network

End-to-end centralized management of all networking resources.

Next Generation Learning Spaces

Enhancing campus classrooms with state-of-the-art audio, visual and lecture capture technology. The first classroom (Clark Hall 118) is completed. More classrooms are planned for Spring 2013.

Enhanced Computing Resources

State-of-the-art integrated server, storage and network technology will enable high performing virtual servers.

Digital Signage

Centralized content management software will integrate the content (text, image and video programming) flowing to digital LCD monitors across campus.