Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Hi, international students! This blog post is brought to you by Aliff and Mindy, who are Global Leaders at ISSS. Aliff is from Malaysia, and he is an undergraduate majoring in Engineering Technology Manufacturing Systems. Mindy is from Vietnam, and she is pursuing a Master in Business Administration at SJSU.

Aliff and Mindy are hosting a Mid-Autumn Festival virtual event this September 21, 2021, which is also the actual festival day this year. If you are curious about what the festival is like or would like to take a drive back to your childhood to celebrate the festival, come join us!

  • Event: Global Connections: Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Date & Time: 9/21/2021, 4:00-4:50 PM (PT)
  • Register for the event!

Now, on to a brief overview of how the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by various cultures. Continue Reading…