Welcome to our new blog!

ISSS Welcome Blog

It is with great pleasure that we present the brand-new ISSS News & Views blog! This blog will officially replace the ISSS monthly Newsletter, which we have been proudly distributing to international students, staff, and faculty at the beginning of each month for several years. We decided to transition to a blog format to create a much more interactive and holistic experience for students, in which different themes/topics from previous blogs will be categorized into easily searchable tags. Moreover, by transitioning to a blog format, we intend to be more consistent with the rest of the university community, as most departments and offices at SJSU are currently utilizing blogs as their primary source of news and updates. 

The blog will be distributed directly to international students as well as staff and faculty emails on a bi-weekly basis, which will then be archived and available on our website indefinitely.


How to Subscribe & Blog Content

To subscribe to our blog, please go here. Blog topics will include culture, news, immigration/policy updates, and general topics relevant to our international student population. We will also include local restaurant and event recommendations from the ISSS staff!


 Student/Faculty/Staff Spotlight

We are excited to announce that in addition to the ISSS News & Views Blog, we will be introducing the monthly Student/Scholar/Faculty/Staff Spotlight to highlight the academic/civic achievements and diversity of our vast Global Spartan community! Our featured “Spotlight” could be any Global Spartan or perhaps an SJSU faculty or staff member. 


Our Mission

During these unprecedented and difficult times, we are happy to increase our efforts to support the large international community that we serve and to provide our students with as many helpful resources as possible. At SJSU, we are immensely proud of our diversity and the countless invaluable contributions that international students have bestowed on our culture, economy, and values as a community. 


The ISSS Staff