Student Spotlight: Aditya Kumar


Aditya Kumar 

Aditya is one of the first faces that you will see when you walk into the CPGE building so make sure to say hi!

Major: MS Software Engineering

Hometown: India

What is your dream job?

I want to create pieces of software that will solve some of the problems of society. The coursework here at SJSU might be helpful in the path towards that.

What types of activities are you involved in at SJSU or in the community?

As a Student Assistant here at SJSU, I get to help students and professors, making their life at SJSU a bit easier. Apart from that, as of now I am not part of any student organizations but would love to get involved in some of them with the aim to help the society as a whole.

What is something that you want others to know about your hometown, home country or culture?

* India has 22 recognized local languages and there are as many as 19,500 known languages and dialects across the country.

* North Sentinel Island located in India , is one of the last “untouched” places on Earth.

* The ‘Kumbh Mela’ is a spiritual event held once in 12 years in Northern India. This religious gathering is so vast that it is visible in space through a satellite. Last Time, It attracted over 70 million people.

* There is a town in India which is the wettest inhabited place on Earth. The Monsoon season here is almost six-month-long.

What do you enjoy most about SJSU?

The diversity here. One gets to interact with people from so many different cultures.

Where is your favorite spot on our campus and why?

The Library and SRAC because of the resources they provide for one to learn and play as well.

What do you wish you would have known sooner about life in the U.S. or being at SJSU?

That I would see so many people from my country.

What message do you have for our Global Spartan community?

Enjoy your time here and visit the campus till you have the chance to do that.



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