Welcome our newest ISSS Advisors, Lena and Victoria!

We would like to welcome our newest additions to the International Student Advisor team at our office. Both Lena and Victoria have joined the Advising team this August and are both very excited to meet with all of our international students. Meet the rest of our team here. We hope to see you at our office!

Lena Meadows

International Student Advisor

Hometown: Napa, California

Fun Facts: 1. I am half Japanese and am fluent in Japanese 2. If I could, I would read books all day long 3. I love watching American football!

I wish everyone luck this semester! Come visit our office and come out to our many events to meet one another!


Victoria Hudak

International Student Advisor

Hometown: Anacortes, Washington

Fun Facts: 1. I was born in Japan, 2. I performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my high school drama club, 3. I am the oldest of three kids

Welcome to San Jose State! I wish you good luck in your studies, and also encourage you to take advantage of all the fun opportunities the school, and Silicon Valley has to offer you!

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