Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge 2021

About the Author: Sharadhi Rao is an international graduate student studying Industrial & Systems Engineering. Sharadhi is also serving as one of the student leads for the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge this year.

Drive your career to the forefront by being a part of SVIC 2021.

As an international student myself, I came to the US for the exposure, for the freedom to explore, experiment and excel, to make my mark in this world. What better way than giving life to our ideas.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) is a competition hosted every year, where students are given opportunities to showcase their ingenious ideas to a wide range of investors, industry experts, SJSU faculty and peers. The mission of the SVIC is to provide the necessary tools and guidance to enable students to take their innovative business ideas to the next level. 

For budding entrepreneurs, the SVIC can be the best place to not only gain the fundamental skills needed to grow and get your ideas up and running, but also to discover opportunities and awareness through pitch competitions.

Why not start your entrepreneurial journey in your own home ground? Why not use this to your advantage to gain mentorship from the industry experts? 

The purpose behind your ideas or your brand (which is YOU and/or your team) may not be money, but wouldn’t it be great to have a few dollars to celebrate your success or even have a large-scale budget for your team to get your idea out in the market.

Come to this global competition, that delivers cash prize, mentorship and exposure to the startup brand owners with an idea that solves a problem.

You can always reach the SVIC team at Don’t forget to go through the SVIC flyers and do keep the following important dates in mind:

  • Sep 7, 2021- Ideation Workshop (deadline to register Sep 5th )
  •  Nov 30, 2021 and Dec 1, 2021 – SVIC Finalist Showcase

See you at the 2021 Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge!

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