Golden Week in Japan

There are 4 national holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May that are near in days with one another. Because these holidays are close in days and with weekends there are many companies who allow employees to take time off, sometimes creating a whole week of vacation which is called Golden Week. Golden Week is the longest week of vacation and travel in Japan during the year. Because of this, there are many families who travel within and outside of Japan. It is said that there are many tourist from other countries who try to avoid traveling to Japan during Golden Week because of the crowds and traveling delays.

Photo by Kumiko Shimizu on Unsplash

The 4 national holidays are:

April 29 Showa Day

This is the birthday of former Emperor Showa (Hirohito) who was the Emperor of Japan during Wold War II.

May 3 Constitution Day

On May 3, 1947, The new post war constitution was put into effect. This day is to honor the ratification of the constitution.

May 4 Greenery Day 

Greenery Day is dedicated to the environment and nature because past Emperor Showa loved nature. He was said to love the flowers, trees, and would take walks. He saw the importance of preserving the environment and created this day to bring awareness to the importance.

May 5 Children’s Day

This day is for families think/pray for the future and health of kids. It is also a known as a day to wish successful future of young boys. There is a Boy’s Festival where families with young boys hang carp streamers and flags to wish them strength and future success.

While it can be busy and lots of travelers during this Golden Week period, it is also very fun. Because many people have this time off, there are also many outdoor festivals, flower parks and cultural celebrations that can differ based on the different areas. Golden Week is a time that many people look forward to, to travel, relax, and to have fun!!

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