Tips for CPT

Summer is just around the corner, and for many of you, this will be the time to start thinking about off-campus internship/job opportunities. Whether you are new to CPT, or a seasoned veteran, there are ways to ensure that your application will get processed in a timely manner. 

Consider these tips before submitting your application to ISSS: 

Enroll in your Internship Course

Enrollment in your internship course is an important part of the CPT application process. Please make sure that you are fully registered before submitting your application to our office. If we do not see the course reflected in your enrollment summary, then your approval could get delayed. If you are adding the course after the add/drop deadline, you may have to wait up to 48 hours before you are considered officially enrolled. 

Review Your Offer Letter

Make sure to review your offer letter. The #1 reason why CPT requests are denied is because the offer letter is incomplete. Before you submit your application to ISSS, please look for the following items in your letter: 

  • Must be printed on company’s letterhead.
  • Must be dated within the last 3 months.
  • Include job title.
  • Include job description.
  • Include employment start and end date.
  • Include physical address where you will work (street number and name, city, state postal code, and suite/building number).
  • Include number of hours per week.
  • Include employer’s signature; We accept handwritten, digital or DocuSign signatures. 
  • **If you are working remotely, then this should be indicated on your offer letter, including the address where you will be working. In most cases, the offer will indicate the student’s home address. 

Social Security Number

If you do not have a social security number, then you must wait for our office to mail you a hard copy of your CPT I-20. Once your CPT is authorized, our office will work with you to facilitate an appointment with the Social Security Administration office in downtown San Jose. If you do not have an SSN by your internship start date, we recommend that you ask your employer if you can start working while your SSN is pending. Please keep in mind that for unpaid internships, an SSN is not required 

CPT is a great way to gain valuable industry experience and to complement what you are studying in the classroom. Whether you are doing an internship or taking a break, we hope this summer will be a time of continued learning and discovery. If you have any questions about our CPT policies, please review our website and book and an appointment to speak with an Advisor.

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