Beyond Global Spartan Welcome

Beyond Global Spartan Welcome is an opportunity to connect with our Global Spartan Community, explore cultural topics, and prepare for academic success. It’s designed to help international students  navigate cultural, social, and academic transitions. Beyond GSW is made up of three components: Cultural Conversations, Global Leader Chats, and ISSS Workshops.

Cultural Conversations

Cultural Conversations are interactive hour-long sessions covering intercultural topics such as Navigating Cultural Transitions and Exploring Social Justice. Explore aspects of American culture, and share your own cultural perspectives while connecting with SJSU students and staff from across campus.

Global Leader Chats

Global Leader Chats are informal conversations facilitated by our Global Leaders and focused on student life topics like Zoom Culture, Canvas Basics, Making Friends, and American Slang & Culture. These chats were developed by Global Leaders, and they’re a great way to get peer advice and make new friends. You can get a head start and meet the Global Leader team in this blog post.


ISSS Workshops cover a variety of topics from F-1 Employment Options to PowerPoint Like a Pro. We partner with the Writing Center and Career Center to bring you a writing workshop series and a career development series each semester. This spring, you can look forward to a Writing Workshop on Personal Statements for Scholarship Applications and a Job Search Success Panel Discussion with current international students and alumni.

We hope you’ll join us and Go Beyond!


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