Alumni Spotlight: Wai Hou (Harry) Sio

BA Graphic Design, 2020

During his time at SJSU, Harry was part of the inaugural Global Leader team at ISSS and an active member of our Global Spartan community. He was also our undergraduate student speaker at our spring 2020 graduation celebration, and he continues to give back to our community by volunteering as a Global Leader.

What are you doing now?

I am studying interaction design at CSU East Bay (graduate program).

What is your most favorite memory of SJSU?

Being a part of the Global Leaders, joining a lot of campus events, and meeting some talented international students.

How has your SJSU experience impacted your life either personally or professionally?

I joined a group called International Circle, and it changed my first semester at SJSU. It created a safe space for me to share my struggles and I met some great people, and some of them become my mentors.

Being part of the Global Leader team, I got a lot of chances to speak with strangers. To be honest, I didn’t want that. My dream job was a job that I don’t need to talk. The more I talked as a Global Leader, I started to enjoy it. Now these skills help me so much as a UX designer, because part of my job is to interview with users and present my ideas.

What do you wish you would have known sooner about life in the U.S. or about being an international student at SJSU?

Find an on-campus job or organization that has weekly regular meeting, that how I dive into the community

What advice would you give to current international students?

Network crazy on Linkedin! Talk to people that are working in your favorite field. Most people will respond to you since they are very nice.

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