USCIS Application Fee Increase Suspension & I-765 Edition Clarification

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As many of you are probably aware, USCIS announced that they would be implementing application fee increases by October 2, 2020, which would result in the I-765 fee increasing from $410.00 to $550.00. However, effective September 30, 2020, a Federal Judge issued a preliminary injunction (temporary suspension) on the proposed USCIS application fee increases slated to begin on October 2, 2020.

This means that the I-765 FEE WILL NOT CHANGE and will continue to be $410.00. Please remember that this is merely a temporary suspension of the proposed USCIS application fee increases. It is still possible that the application fee increases could eventually be implemented by USCIS. We strongly recommend that you continue to check our website, consult our International Student Advisors, and read the ISSS Views & News Blog posts for any updates regarding this matter.

Forbes article on USCIS fee increase injunction.

Current I-765 Edition Clarification

There is also a temporary suspension of the new 10/02/2020 I-765 edition. The current I-765 edition will remain to be 08/25/2020 until further notice (see example below). ALWAYS go to the USCIS I-765 landing page to download the current I-765 edition each time that you apply for OPT (e.g., Post/Pre-Completion OPT & STEM-Extension OPT). 


You can find the I-765 edition date in the bottom left corner of the I-765

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