Simplifying Password Changes and Resets

An example of the password challenge screen.

SJSU IT will be simplifying the way you change and reset your password for your SJSUOne account. When these changes go live, you’ll be prompted to add a challenge question and answer to your account. Once completed, you will have the ability to reset your password directly through the login interface you’re already using. The new process is simpler and more user-friendly — you’ll be notified of your expiring password when you attempt to login and have the option to change it right away. 

While this is a small change for our university, it represents a double-win for our long-term technology strategy. This closes two small holes for attackers to exploit (adding a challenge question and allowing you to change your password right away without reminder emails or going to another site), getting us closer to our goal of becoming the most secure university in the nation. It also streamlines backend processes, increasing opportunities for automation and integration.

We’ll email our faculty, students, and staff with more details when we go live in March/April 2021.

I want to thank Maggie Panahi, Natasha Jones, Andy Trembley, Tristan Orlino, Jason Ferguson, Sharon Watkins, and Bruce Gardner, who have been working hard to get this ready.

Best regards,
Bob Lim