Holi 2023

Holi, an ancient Hindu festival to express the pure joy of the triumph of good over evil, is being celebrated today, March 8th, this year. Holi represents the arrival of spring, forgiving others for past wrongdoings, and promoting unity and brotherhood. This is a particularly special holiday in India because although it began as a Hindu celebration, today it is celebrated by most Indians regardless of religion.

The name Holi comes from the legend behind the holiday in which the demoness Holika was sent by King Hiranyakashipu to kill his son Prahlada, an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Holika tried to trick Prahlada into burning to death on a pyre, but because her intentions were evil, she was the one who was burned and killed, while Prahlada was protected by Lord Krishna.

Holi’s “color fight” actually comes from the legend of Lord Krishna, a Hindu god who is also worshiped on Holi. According to the stories, Krishna was well-known for playing pranks and being mischievous. One prank he played on the village girls involved dousing them in colors and water.

Over time, putting colors on others came to represent a way to express joy and the story of Krishna transformed into the tradition of the joyous color fight we see today.

Learn more at https://www.holifestival.org/significance-of-holi.html

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