Congratulations, 2022 Sparta Award Winners

One of my favorite messages to send all year is this one, announcing the winners of the SJSU IT Sparta Awards. These awards are given to SJSU IT staff, who embody our collaborative spirit, commitment to innovation, and everyday leadership. Nominees are submitted through an open process, and I get feedback on each candidate from the SJSU IT Peer Consultation Group. This award is given by your coworkers and teammates. For 2022, we had more nominees than in the award‘s history, which truly shows our culture of mutual respect and pride. It’s truly my pleasure to share this year’s winners with you.

Sparta Award Individual Winner 2022 Mona Hall with SJSU CIO Bob Lim and SJSU President Cynthia Teniente-Matson

The 2022 SJSU IT Individual Sparta Award goes to Mona Hall. Last year, Mona spearheaded projects in OnBase, collaborating with other departments to streamline processes across the university. A prime example is her work on the “Forms Portal,” where she added a feature that auto-filled student data into Admissions and Records OnBase forms. Previously, students self-reported things like names, ID, and other academic information. This meant there were lots of errors and inaccuracies that needed to be identified and cleared up manually. Now forms are more detailed than ever, routed to the correct destination quicker, and with little or no corrections necessary. What’s more, this is an automation that can be built upon further in the future.

2022 Sparta Award Team Winners with SJSU CIO Bob Lim and SJSU President Cynthia Teniente-Matson

The 2022 SJSU IT Team Sparta Award goes to the PeopleSoft Upgrade Team: Ryan Campbell; Harish Chander; Steve Chang; Donovan D’Anna; Cuong Doan; Joseph Hotchkiss; Mitesh Kini; Rashmi Kumar; Janice Lew; Eric Matthews; An H Nguyen; Atul Pala; Peter Pham; Marco Scardina; Brenden Sparks; Ivelina Stoyanova; Jeffrey Tan; Jocelyn Tom; Andrew Trembley; Lam Vu; Jane Wang; and Andrew Weiglein.

Implementing an upgrade to PeopleSoft impacts almost every user on campus. So, when early planning began for a necessary update to MySJSU (including PeopleTools and Appsian), this team collaborated with dozens of campus units to ensure everything went smoothly on the Go Live weekend of September 23rd to 26th. The IT teams performed setup, troubleshooting, and coordinated testing for hundreds of pages, over 50 integrations, and a new interface and menu structure for MySJSU. These simultaneous projects (in addition to regular support and the AWS infrastructure changes) represent a significant accomplishment for the university and campus community.

Thank you to all the winners for your incredible effort. And of course, thank you to everyone who took the time to submit nominations and lend support to your colleagues. And thank you to the SJSU IT Peer Consultation Group for their insight on the candidates and continued support of the awards as a whole.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s winners!

Best regards,

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