Celebrating Women’s History Month 2022


Women’s History Month is an excellent opportunity to listen and reflect upon some of our campus and community’s strong voices. It’s significant for those of us working in technology, as IT has historically been a challenging field for women to receive the access, opportunity, and recognition they deserve. We are always striving to achieve equity, and it’s a top priority for all of us. 

Listening and learning have always been integral to equity and inclusion. WIRED magazine has an excellent curated listing of articles about womens’ experience in technology written by women. On campus, the Gender Equity Center hosts a series of events every year. This year’s 2022 Womxn’s Herstory Month series culminates with a 50th anniversary Zoom event for Title IX, focusing on how we can protect women and girls’ access to equal education. 

We also want to encourage you to look into organizations that support education and access for women in technology at all levels. Techbridge Girls provides after-school STEM programs for girls from low-income communities right here in the Bay Area. Women In Technology is an organization that provides resources and programming to empower women from youth to professional career to board involvement. Girls Who STEM has a great list of even more STEM- and technology-focused organizations. Lastly, SJSU’s own Center for STEM Education has a number of programs to encourage girls’ engagement in technology.

Thank you to all of the women working at SJSU IT. Your voices are valued and we’re glad you’ve chosen our campus as a place to build your success. 

Best Regards,
The SJSU IT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Bob Lim Maggie Panahi Ryan Campbell
Cindy Scher-Hereth Matthew Loo Tino Cruz
Kara Li Norma Brown Willie Simon

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