Golf Cart Parade Winners – SJSU IT Division!

Dear Valued Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the SJSU IT Division won the Spartan Homecoming Golf Cart Parade Staff Award for the second year in a row! Indeed Spartan Pride and a strong team spirit were evident in the detailed design and exhibited in the IT Division golf cart execution. More prominent was the team spirit demonstrated by collegial support, time spent decorating, and a show of Spartan unity on the morning of October 12. I am proud to be part of such a cohesive team and division.

It was great seeing many of you on the parade path cheering us on. I also know some of you weren’t able to attend. Here are some photos from our event. Seeing many of you made the day memorable for me.

I want to recognize Maggie Panahi and the following people who participated in and helped prepare for the Homecoming Golf Cart Parade. This is Maggie’s 2nd year leading our team and she is amazing. Maggie brings leadership, energy and determination to everything she does. Most importantly, we would not have won first place without the many participating members of the SJSU IT team. The judges shared that SJSU IT has the most spirit based on the number of people in our division that showed up for the judging and event:

Maggie Panahi, Project Lead Daniela Zopiyatle Debashish Basak
Cole Gunter, The Spartan Willie Simon Mital Amin
James Anderson, The Driver Brent Jones Cameron Myers
Jewel Rodeo Tino Cru Norma Brown
Rashmi Kumar Suzanne Austin Charmaine Gaidoy
Jane Wang Cindy Scher-Hereth Darlene Bargas

I appreciate your spirit and your efforts on behalf of our division and can’t wait for next year’s event. I look forward to seeing more of us there next year.

Bob Lim

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