Technology in the Fall 2021 Welcome Address

The introductory slide of President Papazian's technology video

Last week, President Papazian acknowledged the SJSU IT team’s work in her Fall Welcome Address and videos. This is a huge recognition of our multi-year efforts, especially in digitization/automation and network infrastructure. 

Automating SJSU’s thousands of paper forms and manual processes is a huge volume of work. I know that seeing her mention that in her message means a lot to the team working on digitization. Our network team is proud that the quality, speed, and reliability of our new WiFi 6 access points has led to much higher utilization by our students, faculty, and staff. Seeing that reflected in her message is huge for them, too.

And personally, the future-forward mentions, such as the CRM and eventual IoT, were great to read. I’m very excited about how President Papazian and I can build toward her vision and Transformation 2030. 

You can read the full 2021 Fall Welcome Address on President Papazian’s Blog. Her spotlight on the Latest in Technology at SJSU can be seen on YouTube.

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Bob Lim

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