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SJSU IT has partnered with Sophos to provide advanced antivirus and digital safeguards at no cost to you. Sophos Home Premium has all of the same excellent desktop protection features as the enterprise version we use on campus: AI threat detection, ransomware protection, privacy protection, and more. Thanks to our strategic partnership, Sophos is offering this free to SJSU at a cost of $800,000. 

Because so many folks in our campus community are learning, teaching, and working remotely, we have to change the way we think about security. In the old paradigm, SJSU’s fortified campus network protected students, faculty, and staff who worked and conducted research from machines entirely within our environment. While connecting to the campus network via VPN or DaaS is still the most secure choice, we need to give more options to protect you wherever you work. COVID may have accelerated how we approach security, but our goal to have a mobile campus has always meant we’d need to expand our definition of security. This partnership will bring the kind of enterprise-grade security we use on university machines to your home devices. 

Download Sophos Home Premium today with your SJSU email address.

Thanks go to Michael Hastings for getting this ready for SJSU.

Best regards,
Bob Lim

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