Profile: David Malinowski

by Mark Thompson

David Malinowski joins us as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Language Development. Coming most recently from Yale where he was a Language Technology and Research Specialist in the Center for Language Study, David notes that SJSU is a sort of homecoming, having earned a Master’s at San Francisco State in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and a Ph.D. in Education from UC-Berkeley. “After several years working on the East Coast, I’m excited to be back in my home state of California, where I can contribute to the public education mission of the CSUs,” he says. “And it means a lot to me to be teaching and studying about language and language teaching on a campus as diverse as San José State.” Along with TESOL, David’s teaching experience includes Korean and Japanese. His academic background spans language and literacy education, multimodal communication, and technology-enhanced learning. His publications address the role of place in language teaching and learning—both in the challenges technology brings to the traditional face-to-face classroom, and in the politically-charged, multilingual landscapes of everyday public space.

Chances are you’ll see David around campus: he literally lives here. “I’m enjoying serving as Faculty-in-Residence with the Global Village and Joe West residential communities,” he says. “Planning and attending events, spending unstructured social time together in the halls, and having meals together in the dining commons are all activities that have opened my eyes to the diversity of students’ experiences outside of the classroom while helping me to understand students’ interests and needs in class too. I’m blown away by the dedication, perceptive insights, and passion that so many SJSU students bring to their studies.

When he’s not on campus, you’ll find him on his bike. “Riding a bike for exercise and fresh air is great, of course, but I also discovered that I do my best thinking when I’m on two wheels, pedaling up a hill or across town. I just have to remember to bring a notepad and pen along for the ride.”

Join us in welcoming David to the College of Humanities and the Arts!