Profile: Funie Hsu

Funie HsuAssistant Professor of American Studies, Department of Humanities
By Kaitlynn Magnuson

Focusing her studies on the relationship between the United States education system and the concept of the American empire, Funie Hsu brings her unique perspective to San José State University as she joins the Department of Humanities faculty in the fall. Eager to take part in the collaborative spirit that thrives between students and faculty, Hsu brings with her a love of teaching that stems from her time as an elementary school teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Now firmly entrenched in the world of academia, Hsu strives to explain and demonstrate how oppression has been structured into the American social and educational systems, as well as emphasize the historical development of inequality, race, and systems of power. She seeks to impart this knowledge to her students in order to improve understanding of the complex systems and to work towards creating more liberatory social systems for the future.

“The process of mutual learning and growth through teaching is invaluable,” Hsu elaborated. “I also view it as an important way to be of service to the broad community and to build new possibilities for social justice.”

Hsu believes that the goal of education is to improve the lives of others, leaving the community and the world in a better state — a philosophy derived from Marian Wright Edelman, a children’s rights activist. She takes great pride and joy in her academic work and is looking forward to the wealth of interesting and rigorous research that is happening at San José State.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Hsu enjoys practicing martial arts and watching films. She also loves spending time with animals, including her senior cat, Babie. She looks forward to bringing her expertise and experience with her as she takes on the new challenges that San José State presents.